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  • Online seit: Juni 11, 2021
  • Bewerbungsschluss: Juli 1, 2021
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The Teatro alla Scala Foundation is holding an international public competition for permanent positions and an audition for supplementary members each for the following Teatro alla Scala Choir sections: Soprano, Mezzosoprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass.

At the end of the examination tests the Examination Board will establish an audition ranking list which will be approved with a measure by the General Manager of the Teatro alla Scala Foundation and it will be valid for 12 months beginning from the date of the approval of the currently contractual regulations. This ranking will be used for fixed-term contracts, paid-employment or self-employment contracts, to be defined each time to meet the production needs of the Theatre, including the relation of one only production.

The non-eligibility for the International Competition does not invalidate the Audition Ranking.

Suitable candidates for the following vacant positions in the Choir:

Soprano n. 3 positions

Mezzo-soprano n. 1 position

Alto n. 3 positions

Tenor n. 3 positions

Bass n. 3 positions

will be placed in a specific ranking list, valid for 18 months beginning from the date of the Teatro alla Scala General Manager approval, pursuant to current contractual regulation in accordance with article 7 of the competition notice that you can find on the site (


  • Kategorie Gesang / Chor
  • Unterkategorie Sopran
  • Voraussetzungen


    1. be at least 18 years of age;
    2. are Italian or EU citizens, or non-EU nationals legally residing in Italy and holders of a residence permit for reasons of hired employment, or an equivalent valid document;
    3. physical suitability to the job. The hiring of the competition winners is subject to assessment of the aforementioned suitability by means of a medical examination which will be arranged upon indication of the Direction of Teatro alla Scala Foundation. The prescribed requirements must be possessed on the date of issue of the present competition announcement.


    The above requirements must be held on the publication date of this competition notice.

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    Application Form

    Application form must be sent exclusively through form online on the website selecting the page “work with us” – “competitions and auditions”, in accordance with the instructions available, no later than 1st July 2021.

    The application must be accompanied by a video, uploaded in accordance with the instructions mentioned in the aforesaid procedures, containing an Italian Opera Aria performed by the candidate with piano accompaniment.

    The Teatro alla Scala Foundation does not assume any responsibility for any technical or IT mistakes that do not allow the prompt submission of the applications.

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