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The Enclosures

Concert reviews are as unnecessary as concert programmes. The sentence 'Please find my CV in the enclosed concert programme' does not meet professional requirements (as happened in an application for the position of flutist). Also dispensable are recommendation letters of third parties. It goes without saying that a professor stands behind his/her applying student. Recommendation letters remain unread. The situation is different with graduation certificates as well as internship certificates as they contain a description of the applicant's skills which are of importance for a possible employment. Foreign applicants have to have foreign-language documents translated into German as they will otherwise be worthless.


Sara Täuber: Über die Kunst der gewinnbringenden Selbstdarstellung. Kleiner Leitfaden für angehende Orchestermusiker
published in: das Orchester 1/2009, Translation into English: Esther Dubielzig