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The Photo

The photo helps the musicians of the orchestra to gain a first impression which should not be underestimated. As a consequence, the professional quality of the photo is of great importance. Equally important are a friendly and positive personality, neat attire and an appealing appearance. In no case should the applicant use personal snapshots or photo booth photos; however, specially made artistic photos (even with instrument) are often regarded as over-the-top. Blowing hair, a look through the keyhole or a photo made during a concert are rather distracting. The golden mean would be: an application photo in the size of a passport photo made in a studio that reflects the applicant's personality without playing with clichés. The photo should be enclosed separately; it should best be attached on the CV. Computer prints on plain paper are not appropriate.


Sara Täuber: Über die Kunst der gewinnbringenden Selbstdarstellung. Kleiner Leitfaden für angehende Orchestermusiker
published in: das Orchester 1/2009, Translation into English: Esther Dubielzig