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'Please send us a descriptive application with the usual documents to…' This is the common phrasing in German job advertisements. However, it has not been specified what exactly the applicant is supposed to make of it. As a consequence, there are informal CVs written in poor German, private snapshots used as application photos and unnecessary enclosures. The application is the first hurdle. But not every applicant seems to be aware of it. The candidates are not selected by a specially set-up panel but by members of the corresponding instrument section. The decision is often made under pressure, especially if working hours are long. The clearer the application, the less superfluous information it contains, and the clearer and faster decisive facts strike the eye, the better the chance to be invited to interview. Only about 15 applicants are chosen.


Sara Täuber: Über die Kunst der gewinnbringenden Selbstdarstellung. Kleiner Leitfaden für angehende Orchestermusiker
published in: das Orchester 1/2009, Translation into English: Esther Dubielzig