Creating your application

Creating your application with
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The Covering Letter

The first part of the application is the covering letter. Since most orchestras advertise more than one job at a time, it is advisable to answer the following questions beforehand: To which job does the application refer? Where was the job advertisement found? The applicant's private address and telephone number, and perhaps his/her e-mail address, have to be indicated. In addition, the current job can be mentioned as well. It is not necessary to mention the artistic career in the covering letter already. Too much information can be annoying. Also, it is not necessary to praise oneself as 'being a team player' and 'having excellent communication skills'. Self-praise seems suspicious. 'I hereby apply for the position of … advertised by you in… I hope to be invited for an audition', signed by the applicant's own hand, is sufficient.


Sara Täuber: Über die Kunst der gewinnbringenden Selbstdarstellung. Kleiner Leitfaden für angehende Orchestermusiker
published in: das Orchester 1/2009, Translation into English: Esther Dubielzig